hilary mooney

Hilary started her farm in 2010 with the purchase of 5 bred Scottish Highland Cows. She quickly learned how to build fences, move cows, and drive tractors.  

pete mooney

Pete has been with Hilary all the way (or maybe more in the way).  You can usually find Pete digging holes, mending fences, and building chicken coops perfectly to Hilarys specifications.



Gilly is our ever faithful Australian

Shepherd pup. He is almost always at Hilary's side. Although his herding skills are not quite what they should be, his antics and total adorability have earned him the nickname Silly Gilly.  


Pika, sweet Pika, was adopted by Hilary and Pete a few years ago and has found  his forever home. Pika's  a handsome dog and knows how to use his good looks to get all the cuddles a dog could ever want.