Highland Cattle

At Northridge Highland farm, as the name suggests, we raise grass fed and finished Scottish Highland Beef Cattle! These magnificent animals are perfect for the Vermont climate and their easy temperament, ability to give birth unassisted, and protective mothering instincts are a few of the reasons we chose to breed this cow.


Studies have shown the beef to be lower in Cholesterol and fat than other breeds. And it's flavor is unsurpassed! So come by the farm and pick up some meat!


If you cannot find the cut you want drop us a note and we will help you out!


Navajo-Churro sheep

Navajo Churro sheep are a rare breed of sheep that, like our cows are perfectly suited for the Vermont climate.

We generally have meat available in the fall.  Whole lambs or cuts are available.



Eggs are available when the girls are laying.